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Included Accessories (Camera)
Included Accessories (Lens)

Grade 5 – Mint
No cosmetic marks and original accessories. Lens mount may show minimal use and the optics can exhibit very little or no dust.

Grade 4 – Light use
Will exhibit no more than a few cosmetic imperfections, such as marks on the screen, base or rubber parts. Lens mount may show wear with light dust evident.

Grade 3 – Signs of use
Will exhibit heavier wear than average, including peeling of the grips, more obvious scratches and/or missing sync covers. Lenses could exhibit heavy to moderate levels of dust.

Grade 2 – Moderate use
Will exhibit heavier signs of use, including paint loss, missing grips and missing sync covers. Lenses could be missing rubber grips and exhibit very heavy dust.

Grade 1 – Well used
Very obvious wear including total loss of paint, rubbers and a very high shutter count.

Please move the slider to choose the general condition of your product from 1 to 5

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More information about your product. Example: Battery or charger are not original/aftermarket accessories Or the product box is damaged
Terms & Conditions *

Terms & Conditions

  • We will send you your offer quote within 2-3 working days.
  • Please package your equipment securely and safely and send it to: Camix LTD, 7 Cliffe Park Way, Bruntcliffe Road, Morley, Leeds, LS27 0RY
  • Free Returns if you’re not happy with our final quote
  • We strive to give accurate quotes with the information you provide before sending in your items to save disappointment at the point of inspection
  • All our quotes are sent subject to inspection, The condition you describe for your product(s) when requesting a quotation
    affects the price we offer. If, upon inspection, we determine the condition to be different from that which you have initially described it, we may offer you a revised final quotation.   the quoted price is based on genuine accessories. If your product does not include genuine accessories, please specify this in notes.
  • Once we receive your equipment, final valuations will take up to 48 hours
  • Once you have received and accepted our final valuation, your payment will be completed via the selected payment method with 1-3 working days.
  • There are few cameras or lenses that we do not trade in, we will notify you if your item is not accepted.


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